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bsdtalk241 – Bob Beck

Interview at BSDCan 2014 with Bob Beck from the OpenBSD Project and the OpenBSD Foundation.

File Info: 26Min, 12MB.

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bsdtalk239 – PkgNG with Baptiste Daroussin at vBSDCon

A recording of Baptiste Daroussin speaking at vBSDCon in October 2013.  He is a FreeBSD source committer and project developer for PkgNG.  PkgNG is a package management tool for FreeBSD. It is the replacement for the current pkg_info/pkg_create/pkg_add tools.

File Info: 55Min, 26MB.

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bsdtalk238 – Voices from NYCBSDCon 2014

NYCBSDCon 2014 was great, and I recorded a series of voices from the attendees.

Also, the FreeBSD Journal release was announced at the conference.

File Info: 9Min, 4Mb.

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bsdtalk237 – The FreeBSD Journal with George Neville-Neil

An interview with George Neville-Neil about the upcoming FreeBSD Journal electronic magazine.  More information at

The interview was recorded using google voice, and I apologize for the low bit rate audio.

File Info: 22Min, 10MB.

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bsdtalk235 – Allan Jude

This episode has been brought to you by the id utility, which returns a user identity.  The id utility first appeared in 4.4 BSD.

Interview with Allan Jude at vBSDCon.  We talk about ScaleEngine, Jupiter Broadcasting, Tech Snap, and the BSD Now podcast.  Catch new episodes of these and many other fine podcasts at

File Info: 26Min, 13Mb.

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bsdtalk232 – Thomas Cort

Interview with Thomas Cort.  We talk about his work on Minix, NetBSD, and the Google Summer of Code.

More info on Minix at

File Info: 15Min, 7MB.

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bsdtalk231 – The FreeBSD Documentation Project

Interview with Tom Rhodes, Glen Barber, Benedict Reuschling, and Warren Block from the FreeBSD Documentation Project at BSDCan 2013. 

More info at

File Info: 14Min, 7MB.

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bsdtalk229 – Chris Cappuccio

This episode has been brought to you by jot, the utility to print sequential or random data.  The jot utility first appeared in 4.2BSD.

Interview with Chris Cappuccio.  We talk about nsh and flashrd for OpenBSD.  More information at

File Info: 24Min, 12MB.

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bsdtalk228 – Michael W. Lucas

Interview with Michael W. Lucas at BSDCan 2013.  We talk about some of his recent books including Absolute OpenBSD 2nd edition and DNSSEC Mastery.

You can find him at

File Info: 28 Min, 14 MB.

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bsdtalk227 – ZFS with Matt Ahrens

Interview with Matt Ahrens from Delphix during BSDCan 2013.  Matt was part of the original team that developed ZFS.

File info: 32Min, 15MB.

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bsdtalk225 – PC-BSD with Kris Moore

Interview during BSDCan 2013 with Kris Moore from iXsystems.  We talk about some of the new features of PC-BSD.

File Info: 12Min, 6MB.

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bsdtalk224 – Marshall Kirk McKusick and George Neville-Neil

In interview with Marshall Kirk McKusick and George Neville-Neil about the FreeBSD Foundation.
More information at

File Info: 34Min, 16MB.

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Ending audio is the opening to "Carp License" from the OpenBSD 3.5 release.

bsdtalk223 – bhyve with Michael Dexter

This episode has been brought to you by rsh, the remote shell command which appeared in 4.2 BSD.

Interview with Michael Dexter about bhyve, a BSD hypervisor.  More information at

File Info: 23Min, 11MB.

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