I am a blogger, at last

So, when you become a FreeBSD committer you get a number of privileges.

The most obvious one is the ability to commit to the FreeBSD source tree (this should tell you something about my sense of humor), which at the beginning makes you feel a little clumsy. I mean: you’re about to send your first modification to a collection of thousand of files that compose such a great and important operating system… What if you miss a comma? You have to be very cautious.
But that’s not lasting forever: I imagine myself committing hardcore patches in about a couple of months shouting “POWER!!” all over the web.

What about another privilege? Well, you get your blog reserved on Planet FreeBSD. I’ve never had one, ’cause I don’t see why people should be interested in what I think (and why I should be sharing my thoughts on web), so here’s why I’ll cut this post… now.

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