Get counted!

Maybe it’s a bit lame, but the statistics of hardware and ports are pretty interesting: I’m talking about BSDStats!
Read some more information here.

2 Responses to “Get counted!”

  • Have you actually tried it ?
    Ports stats have been broken for ages.
    And numbers are pretty low IMHO and don’t grow over time.
    I don’t want to criticise but I think this project had its (big) chance but it missed it badly and sadly.
    And yes, I offered help long time ago but no real response / interest, and the site was fixed and updated after months afterward (yet it is still far from perfect).

  • yes, i have, and i see all the obvious problems with it (and here’s the reason for the “Maybe it’s a bit lame” line). my post was encouraged by an e-mail on freebsd-announce@ which gave the idea the project is still alive
    i’ve sent my contribution and i still believe that uploading the stats, at least once, is not a huge load of work for my (and everyone else’s) network. if the maintainers get back to work and finally make it a useful service, it will have been a good move. otherwise, just another bunch of wasted ip packets along with the thousands i lose in a couple of hours every day :)

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