Qt 4.7 and KDE 4.5 on FreeBSD? Yes, you can

Well, almost. With such an original quote I announce that Qt 4.7 and KDE 4.5 (both tagged Beta 1) are now default in our beloved area51, making it the coolest Subversion repository on the net.

While Qt has undergone a first round of tests and can now build successfully (but it’s still work in progress), KDE upgrade was nothing but the first step of the porting, which will require some time.
So, if you like bleeding edge software you’ll have to work (and it looks like KDE 4.5 is worth it): $ svn checkout http://area51.pcbsd.org/trunk/area51, have a look at the *merge scripts, and start building and fixing. Or you can wait a couple of months for our Call for Test, but you will lose the funny part!

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  • Hi, it is on freebsd 8 ?

  • area51 is made to be merged to the ports tree, which means that it doesn’t depend on the freebsd version (of course, kde is unsupported on freebsd 6). instructions (out of date) can be found here: http://freebsd.kde.org/access.php (the only big difference is that now there are more *merge scripts, and they should all be executed). also, i suggest reading my previous post, which gives some hints: http://blogs.freebsdish.org/avilla/2010/04/30/qt-4-7-imported-in-area51

    caution: mixing area51 with your system can break some things. qt 4.7 are not completely compatible with qt 4.6, and kde doesn’t build yet. if you really want to help with the porting, you probably want to build these things in a jail or in tinderbox (as i’m doing). if you’d like testing the new software, then you have to wait some time :)

  • Hi, after checking out from the aforementioned repo I have only a “kdemerge” in Tools/scripts/ . Is this sufficient? Will running Tools/scripts/kdemerge -a be all that is required to build kde 4.5? Thank you.

  • I mean will running “kdemerge -a” be sufficient to merge the ports? Thanks.

  • yes, i’ve merged the scripts into a comprehensive one, and that is the command you’re supposed to execute (i think you have already seen `kdemerge -h`)

    please, consider these two things:
    – kdepim 4.5 is now in alpha status. we should ship kdepim 4.4 along with kde 4.5, but since area51 is a test repo we decided to keep the alpha kdepim. you can switch that, of course, keeping the current port, but i think it requires some modifications
    – qt 4.7 is at beta 2. if you prefer keeping qt 4.6.3, run `kdemerge -k[mp]` instead of `kdemerge -a`

    that said, if you plan to upgrade to help testing the new release, don’t worry about those lines and go on! ;)

    p.s. oh, of course, you have to specify the ports tree to merge area51 to, as an argument or as an environment variable… but `kdemerge` will warn you if you miss that :)

    “Cannot find the destination ports tree: please, specify it on the command
    line, or set the environment variable KDEDST to its full path.”

  • Hi,
    I’m on some holiday from school so therefore I’ll plunge right in and attempt to upgrade everything. And find the bugs, if any. I imagine the only major issues to be with akonadi.
    Thanks for the quick response. KDE 4.5 does look worth it!

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