KDE SC 4.6 on FreeBSD roadmap

Hello KDE aficionados,

we, the FreeBSD KDE Team, would like to expose our plans on updating KDE Software Compilation in ports.
As you may know, we’ve had 4.6.0 in testing for about a month while the ports tree was in feature freeze. Now that it is open again, we are already dealing with 4.6.1 update, then we’re not going to commit 4.6.0 to ports just to replace it with 4.6.1 in few days. In addition to not having to build KDE SC twice (not all that fun), you won’t experience some youth problems which should have been fixed in the latest release.

As a side note, we’re starting work on Qt 4.7.2, which will soon come to ports.

Enjoy the wait! :)

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