kde@ updating… well, everything

What a big set of updates the one committed today by kde@! While a bit late (but problems should now be solved: thank you PC-BSD!), we are pleased to announce:

  • Qt 4.7.2;
  • PyQt4 4.8.3;
  • KDE SC 4.6.1, featuring an improved ksysguardd on its own (sysutils/ksysguardd, with no dependencies) that can be used for remote monitoring of systems;
  • KOffice 2.3.1 (yes, further upgrade of this is planned);
  • KDevelop 4.2.0;
  • a few other ports you’re probably not interested in, but that you really want to upgrade.

As always, we’d like to say thanks to all helpers and submitters. Writing a list would probably leave someone out, so drop an eye on our mailing list if you want their names.

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