New KDE chat framework in area51

In last weeks I got my interest caught by all this talking about integrating Real-Time Communication and Collaboration support throughout KDE software, starting from a replacement for Kopete, the default IM client. And the latest blog post about it also caught my eye (screenshots do work), so I decided to give it a chance, and It felt so good that I made some pre-alpha-so-much-unstable ports for all the components (eight!). Should you want to test them, I’ve just committed them all to area51.

Any other information was included in the commit message, so I’ll just redirect you there.

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  • Glad you like it :-)

    > * approver – not working yet (i.e., you won’t get notifications of
    incoming chats, thus you can’t see them).

    That’s not entirely true. It’s simply not started by anyone. If you call
    “qdbus org.kde.kded /kded loadModule telepathy_kde_approver”

    We’re going to discuss that behaviour in a meeting tomorrow.

    There’s a lot more components coming (at least 2) over the next few weeks…

  • oh, i’ll test it then. and i look forward to port the new components :)

  • The applet will let you change the status if you apply the following patch (I already sent it upstream):

    diff –git a/presence.cpp b/presence.cpp
    index e66a963..8ab3ef3 100644
    — a/presence.cpp
    +++ b/presence.cpp
    @@ -361,12 +361,23 @@ void PresenceApplet::setSourcePresence(const QString &id, const QString &status,
    Plasma::Service *service = m_engine->serviceForSource(id);

    if (service != NULL) {
    + uint typeID=99;
    + if (status == “available”)
    + typeID=1;
    + if (status == “busy”)
    + typeID=2;
    + if (status == “away”)
    + typeID=3;
    + if (status == “invisible”)
    + typeID=4;
    + if (status == “offline”)
    + typeID=5;
    KConfigGroup op = service->operationDescription(“setPresence”);
    – op.writeEntry(“status”, status);
    + op.writeEntry(“type_id”, typeID);
    op.writeEntry(“status_message”, msg);
    – connect(service, SIGNAL(finished(Plasma::ServiceJob *)),
    – this, SLOT(onJobCompleted()));
    – service->startOperationCall(op);
    + service->startOperationCall(op);
    + connect(service, SIGNAL(finished(Plasma::ServiceJob *)), this, SLOT(onJobCompleted()));

  • thanks luis! i’m applying the patch on my system, but i’ll wait for a new snapshot to update the ports though, as there isn’t any rush ;)

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