Call for test: KDE PIM 4.6.0 on FreeBSD

While KDE SC 4.6.4 makes his debut in the ports tree, we decided not to push KDE PIM 4.6.0, and keep the stable a little longer. Nonetheless, we encourage you all brave people (well, it’s stable software, you don’t really need to be brave… but, as a FreeBSD user, you surely are) to install 4.6.0 from area51 and report your experience, and maybe we’ll eventually gain the assurance that it’s ready for our worldwide userbase.

To merge area51 to ports you need to run:
# <path to area51>/Tools/scripts/kdemerge -m /usr/ports


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  • how to test this with kubuntu? are there packages available ? (11.04, amd64)

  • @hautul

    This post is for FreeBSD. Most Linux distro don’t ship PIM 4.6 in the main repo, you could try the Testing repo

  • ok, i’m sorry, i thought it was clear enough that the post was about freebsd…

  • Nontheless: IS there a chance that KDEPIM 4.6 will be available SOME day this century???? Or are you willing to frustrate your users for more months in your attempt to beat Duke Nukem in the vaporware contest???

    Just to set it clear: Kontact 2.0 was initially promised for KDE 4.0!!!


  • @Jay

    You seems to forget the Kontact project is mainly a labour of love and AFAIK no one is paid to work on Kontact. The development team could use every hand they get has they are already short staffed as it is. Hence rather than sit in the sideline and complain. Why not do something to make Kontact 2 a rock solid release. If you can’t then STFU

  • I’ve been using kmail2 for more than half a year now (in Gentoo), and though it still has some rough edges (conflict resolution and too low speed), it is full-featured.

    I would not push it to general users, yet, but I would offer it to testing users.

    My current main gripe is the low performance: I have some >100,000 mails, and kmail2 takes ages to load them via akonadi.

  • A huge advantage of kmail2 is, that the mails are fetched while kmail is not running, so I need not keep it running to be able to regularly pop my mails off the server.

  • @bigbrovar

    Wow! Nice try! … and so sensible in choosing your words …

    I do not forget that this is a community-project with all the deductions you can draw from that. But still: kontact is and aims to be part of an “official” product of the kde community called “kde-sc” and for this reason should keep up at least with SOME of its schedules, especially when it is being announced for a release (as it was for 4.0, 4.6.4 and on some other occasions in between). As I understand the KDE community, its members try to realize their products as professional as possible and therefor have set up rules and schedules for its parts. Being a “work of love” does not mean or imply that everything runs free like a “hobby-horse”. And when it comes to “not being payed”: no one is forced to participate in the community, but still: if you do, you oblige to its rules … like with everything you do out of “love” … ;-)
    Most of the community members seem to be aware of the difficulties that arise from this – as I see from my daily peeks into the community-blogs, and if they wouldn’t, kde as a whole would not work.

    Secondly: there have always been developers, active members and general users in open source communities. In the end software is always written for the latter, which does not imply they have nothing to say or to complain. Even in community based software market rules do exist: not listening to your users is the first step into irrelevance and if users get impatient (and I am not the only one, I can tell you) you are just one step away from that. In the end, nothing is easier than moving from one product to another.

    Although I don’t consider myself an “active member” which truly is a shame, I have done testing, bug-reporting and feature proposals on kde-sc and kontact. The reaction from the developers was poor, to say the least, and mostly they quoted the persistent delay of kontact2 for that. So we – as users – get a clone of kontact 4.4.11 after a wait of more than 2 years? that’s a nice step ahead!
    I need kontact for my daily work and mostly don’t have time for crashes or testing (and its effects). I would guess that I’m not the only one being in this position and with the whish for a stable software. But perfection has never been the goal of community-software-versions.
    So: if there is a major bug preventing kontact 2 from working and being released, I would be the last without understanding, but users should be told about that (and not some fishy: “we decided not to push KDE PIM 4.6.0 …”). What are you trying to tell us?? It is not ready and we do not know when it is ever going to be??? IF there are some rough edges: release it and they will be reported for sure (kontact 4.4.11 also has some, and no one complains). But don’t announce it an then keep t back for some mysterious reason – this does not raise the trust in your product.

    I know quite well that my first post was a rant, and it was on purpose. And I am sure that at least some kontact2-developers would join me in my critique. but I am long enough working with community based software to know what I am saying – so no reason to flame me.


  • Compiling ~ :3

  • It works. The only thing is quite annoying: local mailbox plugin doesn’t works sometimes. It says local mailbox is empty while it is not.

  • It appears that the 4.6.5 KDE update has broken the akonadi installation from area51: kmail dies telling me the “Failed to fetch the resource collection.”.

    I tried to re-checkout area51 trunk, remerge it with my port tree and start an upgrade process (using portmaster -da) but with no avail (no ports updated).

    Have somebody found and solved this problem?

  • I eventually chose to erase all my akonadi data dirs to solve my situation (I had backups of everything). Appart from core files left by akonadi between reboots (is it during startup or shutdown? i don’t know…), everything is fine.

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