KDE SC 4.7.1: amd64 packages now available for FreeBSD

At last, we started shipping packages – amd64 only – to help with the CFT announced last week. If you’re one of those who want to test the incoming KDE Software Compilation, but don’t want to build it all from source, follow these steps:

  1. make sure you have a working X.Org installed (with a graphic driver, then);
  2. read UPDATING-area51 and apply the pkg_delete, mv and rmdir steps;
  3. set PACKAGEROOT to http://packages.FreeBSD.kde.org;
  4. use pkg_add -r/portmaster/portupgrade/<your favourite tool> to install or upgrade KDE SC;
  5. if you’re using a recent -CURRENT (after libraries soversion bump), adjust your libmap.conf.

Not all the packages were generated, only the kde4, kdebindings4 and kde4-l10n sets. The few remaining ones (i.e., those not installed by default by those targets, like print/system-config-printer-kde) can still be built from ports (last post explains how). Should you want more details, the ports tree we used was checked out on September 12 at 19:54.

Feedback is very welcome (refer to this thread), especially on the packages and their shipment, as we’d like to improve this service for future CFTs to make them faster and usable by more users. A big “thank you” goes to Li-Wen Hsu (lwhsu@) for setting up the repository and taking care of all the tasks needed to host and serve the packages.

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