KDE/FreeBSD bulletin

While our mailing list is flooded with commit messages and discussions of any kind, those relying on blog posts to get a status update on KDE/FreeBSD initiative (we have a website, d’you know?) might be a bit disappointed by our silence. Well, people, I’m here to fill this need of yours! So please, have a seat, and get ready for a long, long list. OK, not so long.

  • We managed to find fresh blood for the team: Jason E. Hale has been a long-standing contributor and ports maintainer, and has now been given the power to do real damage to our beloved area51. Treat it well, Jason, area51 is our little puppy.
  • Qt and KDE Software Compilation keep growing. Qt 4.8.2 is about to replace the recently committed 4.8.1, while a Qt 5 branch should be quite behind the corner. KDE SC was updated to 4.8.3, featuring many splitted ports to let you install what you really want.
  • KDE-Pim 4.8.3 lost its “in-development” status and replaced the old (which is now shipped via deskutils/kdepim44). There are still a few problems (with Akonadi, actually), but it appears we’re on the right track to solve them, thanks to the contribution of our users.
  • KDevelop 4.3.1 came right after KDE SC, and… well, nothing to say.
  • KDE Telepathy  0.3.1 can be tested merging PORTS/ from area51 to /usr/ports. The only thing keeping it away from the ports tree is the outdated set of Telepathy components shipped with ports. area51 has new ones, though, borrowed from gnome@ development repository.
  • And… Calligra finally replaced KOffice. You can now install and test Calligra 2.4.2, which will be soon splitted in several ports (Krita, Words…). Indeed, we need your feedback!

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