Alberto Villa: kde@ updating… well, everything

What a big set of updates the one committed today by kde@! While a bit late (but problems should now be solved: thank you PC-BSD!), we are pleased to announce:

  • Qt 4.7.2;
  • PyQt4 4.8.3;
  • KDE SC 4.6.1, featuring an improved ksysguardd on its own (sysutils/ksysguardd, with no dependencies) that can be used for remote monitoring of systems;
  • KOffice 2.3.1 (yes, further upgrade of this is planned);
  • KDevelop 4.2.0;
  • a few other ports you’re probably not interested in, but that you really want to upgrade.

As always, we’d like to say thanks to all helpers and submitters. Writing a list would probably leave someone out, so drop an eye on our mailing list if you want their names.

Alberto Villa: …and fresh blood came to kde@

Actually, the blog post by miwi@ referenced in the title has nothing to do with this, but it’s nice to see how, few days after that call to arms, the FreeBSD KDE Team gets a new member!

David Naylor was invited to join the team after that he spent more than a year contributing patches and feedback to the project. Recently, he started working to extend FreeBSD support in KDE SC, then his help is certainly welcome.
And, most importantly, you’ll have another guy to blame when KDE SC fails miserably on your system.

Welcome, David!

Alberto Villa: KDE SC 4.6 on FreeBSD roadmap

Hello KDE aficionados,

we, the FreeBSD KDE Team, would like to expose our plans on updating KDE Software Compilation in ports.
As you may know, we’ve had 4.6.0 in testing for about a month while the ports tree was in feature freeze. Now that it is open again, we are already dealing with 4.6.1 update, then we’re not going to commit 4.6.0 to ports just to replace it with 4.6.1 in few days. In addition to not having to build KDE SC twice (not all that fun), you won’t experience some youth problems which should have been fixed in the latest release.

As a side note, we’re starting work on Qt 4.7.2, which will soon come to ports.

Enjoy the wait! :)

Alberto Villa: Qt 4.7 and KDE 4.5 on FreeBSD? Yes, you can

Well, almost. With such an original quote I announce that Qt 4.7 and KDE 4.5 (both tagged Beta 1) are now default in our beloved area51, making it the coolest Subversion repository on the net.

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Alberto Villa: Get counted!

Maybe it’s a bit lame, but the statistics of hardware and ports are pretty interesting: I’m talking about BSDStats!
Read some more information here.

Alberto Villa: Qt 4.7 imported in area51

…just to make room for another one. :) Yeah, it can be funny, and useful, to write about development stuff! Here’s the first news: Qt 4.7 Technology Preview has just landed on KDE’s area51. If you’re thinking about helping us, you’re welcome. And you can follow the instructions below.

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Alberto Villa: I am a blogger, at last

So, when you become a FreeBSD committer you get a number of privileges.

The most obvious one is the ability to commit to the FreeBSD source tree (this should tell you something about my sense of humor), which at the beginning makes you feel a little clumsy. I mean: you’re about to send your first modification to a collection of thousand of files that compose such a great and important operating system… What if you miss a comma? You have to be very cautious.
But that’s not lasting forever: I imagine myself committing hardcore patches in about a couple of months shouting “POWER!!” all over the web.

What about another privilege? Well, you get your blog reserved on Planet FreeBSD. I’ve never had one, ’cause I don’t see why people should be interested in what I think (and why I should be sharing my thoughts on web), so here’s why I’ll cut this post… now.