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Alberto Villa: KDE/FreeBSD bulletin

While our mailing list is flooded with commit messages and discussions of any kind, those relying on blog posts to get a status update on KDE/FreeBSD initiative (we have a website, d’you know?) might be a bit disappointed by our silence. Well, people, I’m here to fill this need of yours! So please, have a seat, and get ready for a long, long list. OK, not so long.

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Alberto Villa: Tales of FreeBSD porting: KDE SC 4.7 and Telepathy-KDE

It’s time for another roadmap. And let’s make it fast.

What’s keeping KDE SC 4.7 still out of FreeBSD? Well, the high number of tarballs (and thus ports) in which it was split for this release. Actually they’re not too much, but they require a deep scan to update dependencies. We’ll probably be ready for a Call for tests in few days, and we would even like to provide test packages to make the process easier and get more feedback!
KDE PIM 4.7 will also be available, but I guess it won’t be ready to be committed along with other ports. Let’s hope in a mature 4.7.1!

Meanwhile, as a bonus, you’re free to test the first release of Telepathy-KDE:
# <path to area51>/Tools/scripts/kdemerge -m /usr/ports
# make install -C /usr/ports/net-im/telepathy-kde

Alberto Villa: New KDE chat framework in area51

In last weeks I got my interest caught by all this talking about integrating Real-Time Communication and Collaboration support throughout KDE software, starting from a replacement for Kopete, the default IM client. And the latest blog post about it also caught my eye (screenshots do work), so I decided to give it a chance, and It felt so good that I made some pre-alpha-so-much-unstable ports for all the components (eight!). Should you want to test them, I’ve just committed them all to area51.

Any other information was included in the commit message, so I’ll just redirect you there.