Changing password hashes on FreeBSD with Puppet

February 17, 2011 by · 5 Comments 

I finally hacked together a Puppet recipe to update password hashes on FreeBSD!

Let me first say that I want to get native support for this to work like it should. According to this page: FreeBSD is missing something in the shadow libraries. I have added a note to that comment requesting someone add more info, so that we can tackle that problem.

On to the solution..

I have a custom function called `setupuser’ to manage users/groups/homedirs. I inherited this function from a coworker, so I am not sure if it is the best or right way. It did happen to make tackling the problem easy. Here is the custom function:

define setupuser($realname, $username, $password, $uid, $gid, $groups = false, $shell, $homedir) {

        group { "$username":
                ensure => present,
                gid => $gid

        user { "$username":
                require => Group[$username],
                ensure => present,
                password => $password,
                uid => $uid,
                gid => $gid,
                comment => "$realname",
                groups => $groups,
                home => "$homedir",
                shell => "$shell"

        file { "$homedir":
                require => User[$username],
                ensure => directory,
                owner => $username,
                group => $username,
                mode => 0700

        case $operatingsystem {
                freebsd: {
                        exec { "$username hash":
                                command => "echo '$password' | pw user mod $username -H 0",
                                unless => "grep -q '$username:$password:' /etc/master.passwd",
                                path => "/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin",
                                require => User[$username],


For reference here is what a call to that function looks like:
(the hash has been modified of course)..

setupuser { "brd":
        realname => "Brad Davis",
        username => brd,
        password => '$1$fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff,
        uid => 2012,
        gid => 2012,
        groups => $admingroup,
        shell => $defaultshell,
        homedir => "/home/brd"

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5 Responses to “Changing password hashes on FreeBSD with Puppet”
  1. Tim says:

    This will result in the (encrypted, at least) password being visible in the process list briefly. Not ideal?

  2. Uli says:

    Seconded. Please don’t go that way. You need to open the pipe in the process itself and send down the hast to pw(8). Using ‘echo foo|pw …’ will make it show up in ps(1) output amongst others. This is bad …

  3. brd says:

    That is correct. I am not terribly worried about that though. For my environment it was more important to get them under control first. Like I explained I still want to get this done the right way.

  4. brd says:

    Do you have a better idea than the path I am going down? (Opening communication with the Puppet project to see what we are lacking?)

  5. jgh says:

    This is great. I was doing something similar, but found it fell short for updating. Does just changing the password result in an updated password? uid? gid? home directory?

    Great tip!

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