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[Ports] FreeBSD 10 Fixes

FreeBSD 10.0 Ports fixes.

Yesterday I have committed a patch to fix mostly all problems under FreeBSD 10. I plan to make 10 exp-run after the 9.0 Release within 2 weeks to poke maintainers and upstream as to ensure that
for the 10.0 Release, everything is fixed and we can remove the current workaround. Appreciate all the help to get it to work.

Thx :-)

still life but ..

sadly I did’t found free time to write here anything, real job makes
me too busy, it’s huge fun even if it is not always easy.  I am now
almost three months in Kuala Lumpur, and I am still impressed by the
large squares, by the peoples and the culture. I did’t found time
to go more outside, but i think/hope this will change someday.
Oh yes i found here a FreeBSD Geek, I am very impressed by this
people because I’ve never tought I will find someone here, that
has the Technical understanding, it must be added that we interested
have some commonalities. I hope I get this opportunity people even
closer to get to know :-) . Food and drink tastes good, I am doing
quite well so far…

PS: Pics can you find on Facebook :)

= Martin