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Apache 2.2 and Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)

Update: apparently (I haven't tested it yet), Apache 2.2.26 finally supports ECDH cipher suites! The remainder of this blog post is not as usable any more and you can simply use some common SSLCipherSuite lines.

Using modern Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) cipher suites with #Apache 2.2 and #OpenSSL is not really possible in the general case. The best you can do is enable some DHE suites instead of the faster #ECDHE variants - for those you will need Apache 2.4.


Atom as a web server?

The idea of using a simple, low-profile, low-performance, but also low-cost, low-power consumption and low-maintainance non-mainstream platforms as servers is absolutely nothing new. I have a great fondness for the very idea of using Atom CPUs as servers, and there are already commercial solutions with such a setup available out there. As soon as I can justify using it in a project, I will :)

But for now, I have an Atom-based netbook and I tried seeing what exactly can I expect from such a system in terms of performance.