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Kuala Lumpur first Impressionen!

Well more or less the first week is over now, It’s
very hot here and we european guys need to learn
here with the climate, and of course with the other
timezone :) . The culture here is very nice and very
friendly, eating is ok so far, there are also MC
Donalds, Buerger King, Pizza Hut etc. we don’t miss
anything here.

Mostly you’ll find a lot of meals with chicken in
all possible variations but all what we found/got
was tasty :) . My new Job is nice, i’ve learned a
lot over the week here, but unfortunately my english
is very bad to hear and spelling right but i think
thats not alone my fault the peoples here speak very
very fast and whisper that you can’t hear all right :)
But all my colleagues help me if i need that :)
(many thanks Guys!)

This was all the good thing, now the only bad news,
my Laptop is gone, the sata controller thought it
is too hot here and and didn’t want to work longer
here so now it’s broken. Tomorrow I get a new one
with hoping to get FreeBSD installed quickly and
hopefully without any big problems. My plan was to
get Xorg finish this week but i have 2 problems
in the house we don’t have internet yet and too
much stress in the office to start fixing all the
problems I really hope to get this finish over the

So finally here are two urls with pics i made here.
First one is from the hotel where we sleeped the
first night and the secound url is from the house
where we live now.

First Days

- Martin