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ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel update

Yesterday i’ve got the idea to update our tinderbox-devel port. This update include the latest cvs snapshot with few fixes and two highly experimental patches from beat@ and Tim Bishop. Fixes from upstream: - Remove X11BASE support it is now obsolete. (already in ports-mgmt/tinderbox) - Expand the glob to check for Perl so that it actually captures lang/perl5.10. (already [...]

Colin Percival on Supporting the Foundation

Developers not only benefit from the work done by the Foundation, they also help to financially support it. Colin Percival writes about donating to the Foundation on his blog. His blog post begins:

As a FreeBSD user and developer, I obviously care about the success of FreeBSD. I make a small contribution towards this success via my role as Security Officer; but the time I spend working on my Tarsnap online backup service prevents me from making as much of a direct contribution as I would like. Fortunately the FreeBSD Foundation does an excellent job of supporting FreeBSD development; but like most such organizations, they are funded entirely by donations and are always in need of more. In light of this, I am pleased to announce that I will be donating all of the profits made by Tarsnap for the month of December to the FreeBSD Foundation.

Much of the work done by the FreeBSD Foundation is done behind the scenes, but the importance of the work they do is undeniable. They sponsor a range of important FreeBSD development which would likely not get done otherwise; in the past year this has included...