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Florent Thoumie » FreeBSD 2010-03-23 12:18:18

Alright, I know, we’re well into 2010 already, but after a couple months I’m finally settled in my new home and my computers are in good enough shape that I can actually start doing some work.

So here goes:

  • Bugtracker change, my choice is on Bugzilla but after Gnats, anything would be an improvement. Bugzilla also offers RSS feeds for bug queries.

  • Wiki change, it’s a bit the same as for the Bugtracker, except not everybody uses the wiki. Moinmoin was a good choice at the time, but really now it’s time to change. My personal choice is Dokuwiki because it’s simple to use, well maintained and has a plethora of plugins available. There are scripts on the web to do the conversion, the only thing that’s in the way is the change in the syntax (which isn’t really an issue since Dokuwiki ships with a WYSIWYG editor). Dokuwiki also provides RSS feeds. After the change, a revamp of the index has to be done, there’s far too much stuff on the frontpage and it’s not organized so well.

  • RSS support for CVSWeb and/or ViewVC. ViewVC supports CVS repositories, so I’m not quite sure why we still have both. RSS support apparently requires MySQL support, so I don’t see it happening. Still, having to use FreshPorts/FreshSource for RSS feeds is a bit backwards, let’s eliminate the need for the middle man!

  • VCS change. Just kidding, I’m not gonna go there.

That’s right, no code involved here, which makes everything a low priority task obviously. You also probably noticed that while RSS support isn’t the main reason for all these items, it goes a long way towards having everything FreeBSD-related in a single place (be it an IRC channel, Google Reader or your favourite RSS aggregator) and thus saving some time searching for information or catching up with latest development.