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FreeBSD Audio, Jack and gstreamer

I'm in the process of making it possible to move completely to FreeBSD for my primary workstation at home.  Currently, I'm using Linux for its ability to run IDJC for its ability to let me be a shoutcast internet DJ for Radio KoL.  This has led me down into the FreeBSD Audio System a bit, which I'm exploring.

I normally run FreeBSD Current, so I came up with a couple of adjustments for my onboard microphones at BSDCan this year after I cornered the hdaa(4) audio maintainer and showed him my confusing.  So, for now, I can playback and record with audacity just fine.  This does not use the Jack audio system that is required by IDJC.

Jack installed from ports needs a .jackdrc --> "/usr/local/bin/jackd -r -T -d oss -p 2048"

You can test playback with the gstreamer jack plugin in ports along with my favorite audio player, Clementine.