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Firefox 3.6 for FreeBSD available

Firefox 3.6 was committed by beat@ latest night, we’re happy to got all finish before the ports tree is going in the slush mode to prepair packages for FreeBSD 7.3 Release. Please read careful ports/UPDATING. We’d like to say thanks to all helpers and submitters, and a special big thanks to nox for his great debug session to fix our [...]

Presenting KDE 4.3.5 for FreeBSD.


The official release notes for this release can be found at
here . KDE 4.3.5 the last bugfix release in 4.3.x series.

It was not planned to have KDE 4.3.5 in our Ports Tree,
because we, the FreeBSD KDE Team spend all our energy to port
KDE 4.4 release. But we thought it would be good to have it
in out FreeBSD 7.3 release.

We’d like to say thanks to all helpers and submitters.

[CFT] Firefox 3.6 for FreeBSD


We know that a lot people are waiting for Firefox 3.6,
but nox@ found a strange bug which is now solved.
The problem was that starting Firefox 3.6 with certain
addons installed was not possible. Now it looks like all
problems are solved and we can start a CFT.
If everything works fine we plan to commit Firefox 3.6 next
weekend. We should also note that the java plugin currently
does not work with 3.6.

What’s new in Firefox 3.6

* Support for the HTML5 File API
* A change to how third-party software integrates with Firefox to
increase stability.
* The ability to run scripts asynchronously to speed up page load times.
* A mechanism to prevent incompatible software from crashing Firefox.
* Users can now change their browser’s appearance with a single click,
with built in support for Personas.
* Firefox 3.6 will alert users about out of date plugins to keep them
* Open, native video can now be displayed full screen, and supports
poster frames.
* Support for the WOFF font format.
* Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness and
startup time.
* Support for new CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies.

Please make sure all your addons are compatible with firefox 3.6,
backup your $HOME/.mozilla dir, also you need to reinstall

here is the patch:

A big thanks is going to nox@, Andreas Tobler, Florian Seemts.

Happy Testing!

- Martin on behalf of the FreeBSD Gecko Team.

Call for Testing: Qt 4.6.0 for FreeBSD

Max has announce the QT 4.6.0 public  test. see his Announcement. The FreeBSD KDE team is pleased to announce public call for testing Qt-4.6.0. Ports can be downloaded from area51 repository: svn co and integrated into portstree using ‘qtmerge’ script from Alternatively you can use patch vs portstree: Knowing issues: devel/qt4-designer fails to build when previous version is installed, so you [...]

ports-mgmt/tinderbox-devel update

Yesterday i’ve got the idea to update our tinderbox-devel port. This update include the latest cvs snapshot with few fixes and two highly experimental patches from beat@ and Tim Bishop. Fixes from upstream: - Remove X11BASE support it is now obsolete. (already in ports-mgmt/tinderbox) - Expand the glob to check for Perl so that it actually captures lang/perl5.10. (already [...]

Call for tester: VirtualBox 3.1.2 for FreeBSD

Hi All, Changelog from VirtualBox is available here: Changes in the port: - VirtualBox and the guest additions have been updated to 3.1.2. - Port has been renamed to virtualbox-ose to reflect that we are using the OSE version. Requested by: mm@ - A seperate port for the kernel modules has been created: virtualbox-ose-kmod - A seperate port for guest additions for [...]

New Gecko World coming :)

Here is a small Status update about our work on gecko stuff: beat@ already removed all references to www/mozilla. Also the switch from USE_GECKO= xulrunner firefox mozilla to USE_GECKO= libxul is mostly done. Some small parts are still in the tree and we are working on them. Afterwards xulrunner will be removed. Finally the first steps for upcoming Thunderbird3 and [...]

Call for tester/reviewer: SeaMonkey 2.0

Howdy, beat@ want some tester for SeaMonkey 2.0 here a full quota: A few days ago SeaMonkey 2.0 has been released. To install SeaMonkey 2.0 a modified is needed. Therefore we are not able to commit it to the ports tree until the tree is unfreezed. So now we are looking for tester/reviewer of the SeaMonkey 2.0 port. The port is [...]

[CFT] python 2.6.4 upgrade

Here is a patch to update python to 2.6.4 and py-setuptools (thx to wen@), it seems all fine to me, i’ve already update locally without any problems, tinderbox run was also fine and dependency ports builds without problems. If you like to test the patch feel free and fetch it from here. If you find any problems with [...]

Back to the KDE Game!

So beat@ did the Gecko job more or less alone . So I thought it’s a good idea to help a bit the KDE Team.. I’ve started with a rework of the area51 repo. We splitted now Qt and KDE into 2 seperated repo’s. Makes the life a bit easier in future. Also I rewrote the build system [...]