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FreeBSD needs fresh Blood!

Oh well, it’s time to write some nice job offer, of course it’s all
for free, and you can’t earn any money out of it, but you’ll get a
big thanks, hugs and love from the community. Ask your self, how
long have you been using FreeBSD. Months? Years? Decades? And you
love using it because of whatever reason but at the same time
you’re feeling a bit guilty to use it all for free without giving
anything back? Well now you’ll have the chance to change that.
We at FreeBSD are always in need of new people who are willing
to spare some of their time and effort into FreeBSD development.

Let me share a bit of my experience. I have (re)built a lot of
teams in the past, such as gecko@, kde@, python@, and I was
involved in the creation of FreeBSD vbox@ team. I have always
managed to get assistance from a lot of people, but recently more
and more people have started to complain about the slowness,
broken commits and requested for more Call for Testing. And that
is actually a big problem. I am the kind of person who like to
call for test, but I am also the kind of person who easily gets
disapointed when I’m not getting much feedbacks. The best example
here is ATI, Xorg and Xfce update. I did a call for testing because
Xorg and Driver updates is always a big issue because there are so
many different hardware involved with various configurations. From
the call for testing, we managed to get a total of 19 mails of
positive feedback and after 2 weeks I’ve committed the update.
What happened after that was I received a lot of complains for
not conducting much testing, yadda, yadda. Well I say it ain’t
my fault for not testing much, but it is also your fault for not
helping us. It is always easy to blame instead of helping. Ask
yourself why have you not helped us in testing properly and give
us feedbacks. Complaining is fine when it is done in the right
way, with the right tone.

While I’m talking about Xorg, the FreeBSD Xorg Team is currently
a one man show effort, supported by kwm@ and fluffy@. Xorg alone
is too big to get worked on. Plus you should not think that it is
affecting the ports only, but it affects the kernel as well, which
we are having the most problems at the moment. And of course I
would like to call for help on that as well. Based on my last call
for help, it is funny to see how many people wanted to offer some
help, but after knowing the amount of work involved, I have stopped
hearing from these guys. I understand that to update Xorg is always
a crappy job but I love doing it, because it is nice to get more and
more experience in understanding how things work, and it helps to
improve my skills a lot.

Lets a talk a bit about our FreeBSD KDE Team. KDE is nice, but it
really is a fat project. It needs a lot of love, and maintenance
time. Currently it’s a 4 people project, namely makc@, fluffy@ and
avilla@. While for support Raphael Kubo da Costa is handling it
actively. The thing is, KDE involves more than just KDE packages.
It includes Qt, PY-Qt, KOffice and Cmake as well. It is a big
project too and it would be nice to find more people to contribute
in the development.

And now lets talk about gecko@. gecko@ includes all Mozilla Project,
namely Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. It is currently maintained
by beat@ and decke@, and supported by flo@ and andreas. So again,
I’d like to see some fresh faces for this project as well. If you are willing
to help, do ping us via mail :p.

As for FreeBSD Gnome Team, well I can’t say much about gnome but
whenever I see the cvs commits in marcuscome tree, it seems like
most work for the upcoming gnome3 is done by kwm@, and supported
by marcus@, mezz@ and avl@. Gnome includes not only Gnome things
but it also include gtk and cairo, the one that always cause
problems in a major update. I think the team would love to have
some fresh blood in the team.

Okay, all of these need an understanding of programming and
scripting. If you think that you can’t do any of that, testing would
also help much. FreeBSD is one of the best documented open source
project, so that’s another area that could use some help too. Check
if is available in your language, or start helping to
improve the FreeBSD documents in your language. It would be very
helpful and the community will thank you for that. So if you would
like to offer some help, ping me in irc/jabber/mail :-)

- Martin

Firefox 3.6 for FreeBSD available

Firefox 3.6 was committed by beat@ latest night, we’re happy to got
all finish before the ports tree is going in the slush mode
to prepair packages for FreeBSD 7.3 Release. Please read careful
ports/UPDATING. We’d like to say thanks to all helpers and
submitters, and a special big thanks to nox for his great debug
session to fix our addon’s problem.

Firefox 3.6 for FreeBSD available

Firefox 3.6 was committed by beat@ latest night, we’re happy to got all finish before the ports tree is going in the slush mode to prepair packages for FreeBSD 7.3 Release. Please read careful ports/UPDATING. We’d like to say thanks to all helpers and submitters, and a special big thanks to nox for his great debug session to fix our [...]

[CFT] Firefox 3.6 for FreeBSD


We know that a lot people are waiting for Firefox 3.6,
but nox@ found a strange bug which is now solved.
The problem was that starting Firefox 3.6 with certain
addons installed was not possible. Now it looks like all
problems are solved and we can start a CFT.
If everything works fine we plan to commit Firefox 3.6 next
weekend. We should also note that the java plugin currently
does not work with 3.6.

What’s new in Firefox 3.6

* Support for the HTML5 File API
* A change to how third-party software integrates with Firefox to
increase stability.
* The ability to run scripts asynchronously to speed up page load times.
* A mechanism to prevent incompatible software from crashing Firefox.
* Users can now change their browser’s appearance with a single click,
with built in support for Personas.
* Firefox 3.6 will alert users about out of date plugins to keep them
* Open, native video can now be displayed full screen, and supports
poster frames.
* Support for the WOFF font format.
* Improved JavaScript performance, overall browser responsiveness and
startup time.
* Support for new CSS, DOM and HTML5 web technologies.

Please make sure all your addons are compatible with firefox 3.6,
backup your $HOME/.mozilla dir, also you need to reinstall

here is the patch:

A big thanks is going to nox@, Andreas Tobler, Florian Seemts.

Happy Testing!

- Martin on behalf of the FreeBSD Gecko Team.

New Gecko World coming :)

Here is a small Status update about our work on gecko stuff: beat@ already removed all references to www/mozilla. Also the switch from USE_GECKO= xulrunner firefox mozilla to USE_GECKO= libxul is mostly done. Some small parts are still in the tree and we are working on them. Afterwards xulrunner will be removed. Finally the first steps for upcoming Thunderbird3 and [...]

Call for tester/reviewer: SeaMonkey 2.0

Howdy, beat@ want some tester for SeaMonkey 2.0 here a full quota: A few days ago SeaMonkey 2.0 has been released. To install SeaMonkey 2.0 a modified is needed. Therefore we are not able to commit it to the ports tree until the tree is unfreezed. So now we are looking for tester/reviewer of the SeaMonkey 2.0 port. The port is [...]

Back to the KDE Game!

So beat@ did the Gecko job more or less alone . So I thought it’s a good idea to help a bit the KDE Team.. I’ve started with a rework of the area51 repo. We splitted now Qt and KDE into 2 seperated repo’s. Makes the life a bit easier in future. Also I rewrote the build system [...]

FreeBSD Gecko’s TODO and plan for future

Goals: Removal of mozilla, nvu, xulrunner and firefox2. www/firefox35 should be moved to www/firefox. The options USE_GECKO mozilla nvu xulrunner and firefox will be also removed. Background: We have a lot of old stuff on the portstree and it’s time to cleanup old stuff. www/mozilla is 5 year old now, no longer supported by upstream, and has many many vulnerabilities. We [...]

Sign of life!

Yes I’m alive A small update of what’s going on here. At the beginning of this month we Called for Testing of the new Qt-4.5 for FreeBSD, most dependency ports build and work fine but unfortunately py-qt4 from the portstree failed, we have now to wait for the KDE 4.3 release to upgrade to Qt-4.5, py-qt-4.5, and KDE 4.3. [...]

Firefox 3.5 in ports!

Yesterday Firefox 3.5 was released, and few hours later it was in the Portstree. But I see that some pepole can’t right read. So Please READ the pkg-messages carefully: Firefox 3.5 and HTML5 Certain functions used to display HTML5 elements need the sem module. If your Firefox crashes with the following message while viewing a HTML5 page: “Bad system call (core dumped)” you need [...]

Firefox 3.5 RC1 ready for testing!

Howdy, Yesterday FF3.5 RC1 was released! Unfortunately RC1 need a newer version of devel/nspr, we already updated devel/nspr and it seems to be work all fine. If you like to play with both updates you can try following patch [1]. I need to make a exp-run request for this update to make sure nothing will be failed. [1] Please let us know if you [...]