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BSD in Malaysia


Few days back I’ve met up with Mohd Fazil Azran for a small talk about *BSD at Starbucks coffee. I was interested to know why Malaysian *BSD community is so inactive, and from the discussion, I’d say that the reason is more likely caused by too much of politics in the group, financial issues, lack of interest to share knowledge and blablabla..

So now, I would like to suggest for a complete rebuild of a *BSD open group. It will be a group where everyone shares the same right, and the freedom of speech. No politics, no financial problems (go dutch all the way ), no hidden agenda. Just a group where everyone can share their knowledge freely. Hopefully with this group, we could attract more users to *BSD, as well as building back the trust for *BSD .

The kick off of this new group will be on the 3rd March, where I will give my first talk about FreeBSD - what is FreeBSD, why FreeBSD, FreeBSD ports and who use FreeBSD. My talk will be around 30 to 45 minutes, and afterwards I will be free for questions and discussion, and of course, coffee .

Date: Saturday, March 3, 2012
Time: 2 PM till 5 PM
Location: Old Town White Coffee, Bangsar South (KL)

You should be aware that this would be my first experience, so don’t expect for any professional talk. Everyone is welcome :)

So long.

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Something that’s annoying

... losing your passwd/group files when you don’t have a (recent) backup.

Well, it is especially annoying when you’re connected remotely and don’t have a root shell. When you have root privileges, here’s your solution:

cd /var/db/pkg
for i in `grep useradd */+INSTALL | cut -d: -f1`; do
    env PKG_PREFIX=/usr/local/ sh $i ${i%%/*} PRE-INSTALL;
    env PKG_PREFIX=/usr/local/ sh $i ${i%%/*} POST-INSTALL;

Obviously that can be done in one line, I just wrapped it to make it easier to read.

You’re welcome.

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