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Firefox 3.5 in ports!

Yesterday Firefox 3.5 was released, and few hours later it was in the Portstree. But I see that some pepole can’t right read. So Please READ the pkg-messages carefully: Firefox 3.5 and HTML5 Certain functions used to display HTML5 elements need the sem module. If your Firefox crashes with the following message while viewing a HTML5 page: “Bad system call (core dumped)” you need [...]

Firefox 3.5 RC1 ready for testing!

Howdy, Yesterday FF3.5 RC1 was released! Unfortunately RC1 need a newer version of devel/nspr, we already updated devel/nspr and it seems to be work all fine. If you like to play with both updates you can try following patch [1]. I need to make a exp-run request for this update to make sure nothing will be failed. [1] Please let us know if you [...]