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[CFT] Qt-4.6.0 technology preview ready for beta test

The FreeBSD KDE team is pleased to announce the first public call to test Qt-4.6.0-tp1. It can downloaded from the area51 repo with the following command

svn co

From there you can use kdemerge to overlay the changes to your ports tree. Please note that you will require some patches from the repo to get games/kdegames4 and net/kdenetwork4 to build.

Our initial testing has yielded a binary compatibility between 4.6.0 and 4.5.2. Please be aware that this needs more testing.

One other warning, the py-qt* bindings are still a work in progress. Dima Panov, aka fluffy@, is currently working on it.

Please send feedback to [email protected]

This branch was made possible by the hard work of Alberto Villa and other contributors.

More help for the FreeBSD KDE team

The FreeBSD KDE team is pleased to report that Raphael Kubo da Costa has joined the team. He is a KDE contributor, maintaining the ark tool, and a recent convert to FreeBSD :-D

More recently Raphael has been our man in the middle, getting the FreeBSD Qt patches merged upstream to Nokia via Gitorious.

Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Qt 4.6 technology preview is available

Nokia recently released Qt 4.6-tp1, and I included it in our repository
so we could get some run time with it.

Virtually every port *will* require some tender loving care. We are looking to you, our contributors, to hack it and provide the fixes to make it build.

Here are some instructions for testing and preparing patches for
inclusion to the area51 repository.

svn co ./area51

Overlay this area51 directory with your ports tree. I will leave
that as an exercise for you the reader. **HINT** checkout

Now do this

cd /usr/ports/devel/qt4

See what breaks, or won’t compile and fix it. It is as easy as that :-D

You can do some recreational reading at to get some pointers on building the package.

For instance, through initial testing I noticed the plist was wrong
for misc/qt4-doc, so I fixed it and prepared a diff

svn diff pkg-plist > ~/qt4-doc-4.6.0.patch

Mail the patch as an attachment to [email protected], and await
one of our developers to test and include into the repo.

Please note that we have not tested KDE4 builds with Qt 4.6 yet,
so the usual disclaimer applies, “Beware, here be dragons”.

KDE 4.3.1 is now in FreeBSD ports tree

With the coa[ch|x]ing of miwi and makc I did my first KDE mega commit to the ports repository,[email protected].

KDE 4.3.1 is a bugfix, translation and maintenance update. KDE users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

A big thanks to Martin and Max for their help, and let us not forget the contributors, testers and submitters that also made this happen.

Introducing new Ports Committer, Dima Panov

I will be mentoring Dima along with Martin Wilke. Dima was instrumental working behind the scenes in preparing the FreeBSD port of KDE 4.3 and as a result we are punishing him with a commit bit.

Dima’s new handle is [email protected]

Just remember Dima, you are not a real committer until you break the INDEX, then fix it!

Sign of life!

Yes I’m alive A small update of what’s going on here. At the beginning of this month we Called for Testing of the new Qt-4.5 for FreeBSD, most dependency ports build and work fine but unfortunately py-qt4 from the portstree failed, we have now to wait for the KDE 4.3 release to upgrade to Qt-4.5, py-qt-4.5, and KDE 4.3. [...]

[CFT] Qt 4.5.2 for FreeBSD!

Howdy, The KDE FreeBSD Team is happy to announce the secound public Call for Testing with Qt-4.5.2. Recently, we focused on the complex and very time consuming task of getting the Qt-4.5.2 and KDE-4.3 ports into much better shape so we can now go on the next step: much wider public testing. We’re planning to update Qt to the end of Week. [...]