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Two New Videos: SuperPages and NanoBSD

Thanks to Kirk McKusick, I'm happy to announce two new fully edited high quality videos from BSDCan 2011 in the BSD Conferences YouTube channel. I've also created a new playlist for the BSDCan 2011 videos.

The first talk is "Superpages in FreeBSD" by McKusick, and it describes the addition of superpage support to the FreeBSD 8 kernel on the Intel PC architecture. Superpages aggregate together standard-sized hardware pages into much larger "superpages". Each superpage requires only one entry in the page table replacing the numerous entries used by the standard-sized hardware pages.

The second talk is "Updates from NanoBSD: FreeNAS drives NanoBSD development" from Warner Losh, and it describes the basics of NanoBSD and how FreeNAS moved over to NanoBSD.

We now have 108 high-quality videos in the BSD Conferences channel. These videos have been watched in aggregate over 400,000 times, and our most popular video remains McKusick's FreeBSD Kernel Internals Lecture.

As a reminder, this channel was setup specifically for the BSD technical community and does not have the standard limitations on video size for other types of YouTube uploads. If you have additional video content from a conference, presentation, or class about BSD Unix please get in touch and I'd be happy to help you publish the content here.

nanobsd(8) is in the tree!

So long, so good. The nanobsd(8) manual page that I have written is in the tree for around a week now and a few minutes ago I managed to MFC it to RELENG_6 so that means that it will be available in the FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE. This was also my first commit to RELENG_6, it was a bit tricky to get it wokring for me, but I think it was successful. Let’s take a look at other things that need to be MFC’ed before we will hit the freeze, which is right around the corner.


I was badly bored today, so I decided that I have to find something to do. Since I have written a NanoBSD article and there is still missing a manual page for this utility, I realized that it would be pretty nice to write one. Finally, it’s done and I’ve sent it to my mentors and Ruslan for review. Let’s hope it’s good enough and will be available in our tree soon!