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PCBSD sponsor FreeBSD KDE Build box

I’d like to note that the KDE FreeBSD Team is now
receiving assistance from PCBSD again. Since I left
the KDE Team, things have gone terribly wrong. After
having a few conversations with my old team, I finally
figured out what the problems were. But the main problem
was missing a package build system, and I managed to find
a solution for that with Kris’s help. Apparently this was
a root cause to some other issues and having it solved
helped to speed up other processes.

I’d like to say thanks to Kris Moore, Josh Paetzel,
Dru Lavigne and of course the iXsystem for their
generous donation to build a test machine for KDE.

PS: This means not i jump back to the KDE Team
but I’m always willing to Help when i can.

Florent Thoumie » FreeBSD 2010-06-25 09:01:01

I had a nice surprise reading my Facebook timeline this morning: Matt Olander announcing that Warner Losh committed the PC-BSD installer backend to the FreeBSD SVN repository.

I didn’t know anything about it before BSDCan this year, so here’s a quick summary of what I remember (and is of interest, to me at least):

  • Can install either PC-BSD or vanilla FreeBSD

  • Supports ZFS and GELI partitions

  • The backend is all shell and quite easy to read/modify to suit your needs

  • There are at least two frontends: a QT one (default for PC-BSD) and a dialog/curses (not quite sure, fairly recent in any case) one that looks like it would be a good drop-in replacement for sysinstall.

  • It supports a configuration file that isn’t dissimilar to the one you can use with sysinstall at the moment: the frontend actually only generates a config file and the backend does the job without intervention.

So really, how is that for morning awesomeness?