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Sometimes everything changes…

I have been wanting to write for aeons but I just couldn’t find the time, sometimes
everything in your life changes, and I have never expected that it could happen to
me. Few months ago I wrote a post that I received a job offer in Kuala Lumpur.
I was very happy with the offer and I’m giving my best shot at it, but there were
times when things just didn’t work the way I wanted. Fortunately I am surrounded with
people who have always tried their best in supporting me and keeping everything
in place. I hope everything will be fine.

I have also found a new luck of my life. Erms.. I guess I should call her THE luck of
my life hihi. At the moment I am preparing everything so that I can stay with her :-) .
So far all is good and I’m very happy here. Looking forward to a bright future ahead.