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Magnis Itineribus (going on by huge steps)

Lighthouse? In little more than one month at Brown University, under the supervision of Prof. Upfal and Prof. Pietracaprina, I think I learned a lot, both in terms of new concepts, ideas, tools and in terms of how to do research.

Yes, I’m really proud of myself and of the work I’ve been doing since I came here. =)

As a side note, I got a new MacBook and I’m testing VMware Fusion with FreeBSD as guest OS ATM. If I’m satisfied with it, I may even buy Fusion, since the student price is reaaaalllly convenient. This also leads to the consideration that I’m back with a FreeBSD machine, although virtual, and ready to start contributing to FBSD again. Yay!

Some updates for English speaking readers

As you probably know, I’m in Providence, RI, to work on my thesis at Brown University. Everything is fine: I’m here since a week (tomorrow) and I’m settled with accomodation, work, mobile phone number, bank account and so on.

I’m really excited of being in a new city: new places to see, new things to do, new people to know. I already began seeing places, doing things and getting to know new people: last weekend I was in Boston and in the White Mountains Region, NH, to see the foliage (it was beautiful, see pictures on Flickr: Boston and Foliage). Thanks to my German room-mate Fabian I also got involved in the intramural soccer championship (since I’m Italian, you know..).
I got an office in the CS department and today was my first day of real work. The CS department looks like an environment where being productive is easy, which is just great and what I need.

That’s all, folks. Stay tuned!

Uh, yeah, a final note: I won’t attend NYCBSDCon although I’m pretty near NYC (just two hours by train). Sorry guys, but I’ve so many things to do that the conference didn’t get the maximum priority. I may come to MeetBSD, anyway…