clsung: perl 5.10

hmm, I’m wondering when perl 5.10 will come to ports tree.
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clsung: p5-Kwiki-* marking DEPRECATED

Due to the new version of Kwiki (say, 2.0 or later, though it is marked ‘0.39’ in the ports tree), I’m deprecating all the p5-Kwiki-* (plugin ports) via marking DEPRECATED.

DEPRECATED= Already bundled in www/p5-Kwiki (0.39 or latter)

2007-07-28 is not a special day, but it involves how much work I can pay for. So just be the day.

Ref: FreeBSD Porter’s Handbook

clsung: First time being a mentor

Few weeks ago I proposed Li-Wen Hsu for a commit bit (ports), and now I was notified via a grant mail. Li-Wen has filed lots of qualified py-PRs, and I think he deserved to be punished. 😉

Welcome Li-Wen. This is also my first time to be a mentor, so welcome myself, too. :)

clsung: Note about RUN_DEPENDS/BUILD_DEPENDS of p5-* ports

Recently, we (ports) committers are keep receiving kris(bot) mailS. These mails are about build errors.

One of them is ‘fail of german/BBBike’, and inside the mail, the problem is not BBBike itself. So, I’m not the maintainer, why I received it? Because BBBike depends on p5-Text-Balanced, which was just upgraded to 2.0.0 by me. And in the Makefile I add
These causes the dependent ports (BBBike) error, because it still need in run-time. Thus, I add
RUN_DEPENDS= ${BUILD_DEPENDS} to avoid the problem.

clsung: Today’s best News

The winner is ‘HEADS UP: FreeBSD 4.11, 6.0 EoLs coming soon‘.

I just felt frustrated when dealing with something 4.x….

clsung: mx1 dead again?

Enough… Let’s take a break….

Dec 29 16:56:42 xxxxxxx postfix/smtp[53186]: A20932874D: to=, relay=none, delay=22077, delays=22047/0.06/30/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to[]: Operation timed out)

As a ports committer, that means I have to commit myself instead of taking(or submitting) new PRs. Hmm… that’s not that bad 😉

clsung: [perl] post-patch of perl 5.6 for perl 5.00503

The best reference is always PR.
Let’s take a look at ports/96304.
See the “post-patch:” section:
@${PERL} -pi -e 's/^our (\W\w+);/use vars q($$1);/o;' \
-e 's/^our\s+(\W\w+)(?!;)/use vars q($$1); $$1/o;' \
-e 'undef $$_ if /^\s*(no|use) warnings/o;' \

Okay, that should fix lots of ports which broken in perl 5.00503. Examples of error like:

Could not eval ‘
package ExtUtils::MakeMaker::_version;
no strict;

local $VERSION;
$VERSION=undef; do {
our $VERSION = “0.003”;
‘ in lib/XXX/ Can’t modify subroutine entry in scalar assignment at (eval 6) line 7, at EOF

But the best way, IMHO, is mark IGNORE and encourage users to upgrade their perl version to latest one :)

clsung: [ports] devel/porttools

I just wondering why some people don’t like to use devel/porttools to generate ports/ PRs and use devel/portlint to test your ports. I’m not talking about those who didn’t know about devel/porttools or devel/portlint.

Just install it. Type ‘man port’ and ‘man portlint’, you will know how they help you (to generate qualified PR).
The most used commands:
port test
port diff
port submit

Try it, please.

clsung: ProblemReport 100,000

It’s a doc/ PR, good. And that’s what I want :)
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clsung: [patch][jail] fstat according to specified jid

I’ve made top with jail id support. I start to think adding similar functions to other programs.

fstat is the victim. I decide to let fstat can accept jid and then display active files according to the specified jid.

Here comes the patch.

To apply this patch, you must rebuild your kernel.

% cd /usr/src; patch < patch_fstat_jid
% make kernel
...reboot with new kernel
% cd /usr/src/lib/libkvm; make clean install clean
% cd /usr/src/usr.bin/fstat; make clean install clean
... to make other program sync
% cp -f /usr/src/sys/sys/sysctl.h /usr/include/sys/

If you see any error appear, please inform me :)

How to use?

% fstat -j

NOTE, this patch will be send-pr-ed sooner or later. But I need your test first. :)

UPDATE 2006/06/12: Thanks to Roberto Lima for ‘cp -f /usr/src/sys/sys/sysctl.h /usr/include/sys/’ :)
UPDATE 2006/06/30: pr is here.