Monthly Archive for April, 2007

clsung: p5-Kwiki-* marking DEPRECATED

Due to the new version of Kwiki (say, 2.0 or later, though it is marked ‘0.39’ in the ports tree), I’m deprecating all the p5-Kwiki-* (plugin ports) via marking DEPRECATED.

DEPRECATED= Already bundled in www/p5-Kwiki (0.39 or latter)

2007-07-28 is not a special day, but it involves how much work I can pay for. So just be the day.

Ref: FreeBSD Porter’s Handbook

clsung: First time being a mentor

Few weeks ago I proposed Li-Wen Hsu for a commit bit (ports), and now I was notified via a grant mail. Li-Wen has filed lots of qualified py-PRs, and I think he deserved to be punished. 😉

Welcome Li-Wen. This is also my first time to be a mentor, so welcome myself, too. :)