perl 5.10

hmm, I’m wondering when perl 5.10 will come to ports tree.

But I can say, anyone who commit it will has a wide-mind, strong heart.

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  • He’s on top of brave candidate list :)

  • Just wondering, will it break a lot of stuff? Perhaps it needs a portmgr build :)

  • Maybe it is worth to be a hero this time :p

    I haven’t do this (5.10 in ports), so maybe just a tiny Makefile/distinfo updating :p

    haha, but I don’t wanna see lots of ‘build error’ love letters from portmgr 😉

  • I think the current plan is to replace 5.8.8 by 5.10.0 and patch all the perl ports in one big commit?

    But what about making a 5.10.0 port next to the existing 5.8.8 port, and add 5.10.0 to the USE_PERL5 variable in Mk/ ? Maintainers can then migrate their ports to 5.10.0 themselves, without breaking existing functionality.

    Today there is a lang/perl5.8 port and a lang/perl5 (5.6.2) port, so adding a third perl port wouldn’t hurt.

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