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SoC 2007 started

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Again, the fun has begun. :) We have a lot of interesting projects. Mine is accepted again. Here’s what I’m going to work on with the mentorship of Andrew Pantyukhin(sat@):

ZFS, dotfiles, SoC 2007

Saturday, April 7th, 2007

Well, a lot of interesting things happened in the recent days, thus it’s time to write a bit of summary. :)

  1. The ZFS filesystem support was committed to HEAD by Pawel Jakub Dawidek (pjd@). Pawel has done a great work on porting this great functionality from OpenSolaris, and yesterday the code hit the tree. It lacks from ACL and extended attributes support and can’t be booted off. There’s no iSCSI target daemon support yet. it is only for i386 and can be used only as a module. These are the current limitations, but apart from those it is reported to work well. As Pawel said, support for amd64 is going very soon and other architectures will be supported later due to the missing atomic operations.
  2. There’s a nice utility in the graphviz packag, called dot. It can be used to render nice graphs from text files. Some time ago we already talked about making some graphs to display the mentor-mentee relationships between the project committers, and recently Florent Thoumie added a sample dotfiles to src/share/misc. The files are still being completed, I hope we can add them to our website later.
  3. The Google Summer of Code 2007 has begun. Applications are no longer accepted, thus applicants had to submit their proposals by now. I submitted an application about the Ports Collection infrastructure again. I’m looking forward to the results, which we will get to know by 5:00 PM at April 11 Pacific time.