What I’ve been working on recently…

I haven’t made too much noise in these days because I’m quite busy but this doesn’t mean that I’ve completely abandoned FreeBSD. A summary of my recent progress:

  • BSD grep: Finally, it seems working and compatible with GNU grep. A portbuild test is necessary to make sure nothing breaks with this and if the test performs well, we don’t have any barriers to have an own grep implementation, which is independent from GNU, smaller and cleaner.
  • NLS in libc: NLS support was disabled in libc a long time ago due to some issues with the catalog handling code. Now they are resolved but NLS was kept off. I’ve collected some catalogs, made a patch to turn it on and made some tests. It seems that I can commit this stuff soon.
  • BSD sort: I’ve started a sort implementation from scratch. It performs well and there are few missing features so I expect this to be ready soon. Not so soon as the former two items, but quite soon. Stay tuned!

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