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BSD grep and BSD iconv reloaded

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Some days ago I got a mail from portmgr@ that my iconv patch that I sent to them for a portbuild test, failed. The patch added BSD iconv to the base system while leaving the Ports Collection intact, letting the ports just use GNU libiconv. I would like to do the import in two phases, first just importing it while still using GNU libiconv in ports, then extend knobs in the following way: USE_ICONV could be set to yes, gnu or libc. In the first case WANT_ICONV would determine what to use, gnu or libc. In the second case the port would always use GNU libiconv and in the third case, just BSD iconv. I looked at the problem and noticed that some ports detect that we have iconv in libc and thus they try to use that but then fail because of a missing GNU feature. I tried to solve the problem from two ways: forcing ports more to use GNU libiconv and adding the missing feature to BSD iconv. Yesterday I sent the new patch to portmgr@ and now I’m waiting for their response.

Apart from the iconv portbuild run, some time ago there was also a BSD grep portbuild run. It went almost fine, just very few ports failed. I didn’t have time to look at it until yesterday and I identified a bug. BSD grep didn’t handle correctly the case where -v and multiple -e options were specified. I’ve fixed the problem, merged some changes from the OpenBSD and the freegrep repositories and today I’ve also sent a new patch to portmgr@ for BSD grep. Let’s hope there won’t be any regressions and we can commit it very soon. This should be successful because there have been multiple portbuild tests and I have fixed all problems that were identified. However, the BSD iconv patch is more experimental, I don’t know what to expect there but I hope there won’t be serious problems… Now I’ll get back to my IRIX jobs SoC project, although I made these patches during buildworld/buildkernel runs so I didn’t have to neglect that one in the meantime.