2 patches for ports/Mk

July 20th, 2006

Today (actually yesterday) I sent two patches for our ports infrastructure. One of them is the DESTDIR support. I think everything is done for the infrastructure, but as I said before, some individual ports have to be fixed as well. I did a big effort so that we have to fix the least of them. Erwin took my patches and started to set up an -exp run on the cluster to test if my patch doesn’t break anything if DESTDIR is not set. We will discuss the further things after that.
My another patch makes some standardization and cleanup with ECHO_MSG and ECHO_CMD macros in bsd.port.mk. ECHO_MSG should be used when printing relevant output for the user, while ECHO_CMD should be used mostly internally, e.g. for command-line pipelineing. Accordingly, one should be able to print relevant messages with colors by overriding ECHO_MSG or to write a wrapper for these texts, etc.

DESTDIR progress

July 9th, 2006

Today, I implemented conflict checking in DESTDIR and deinstalling from DESTDIR. Apart from fixing the ports that don’t respect DESTDIR, only one major thing remained, the dependency check. It’s not correct in all aspects. Besides, I’ll try to do some trick with PREFIX as I did with LOCALBASE to avoid modifying a bunch of ports that install files via [pre|do|post]-install target.

Gentoo ports

June 19th, 2006

Today I’ve been working on my Gentoo ports. Alexander suggested to rename these ports since these are complete Linux distributions rather than linux_base ports and don’t actually suit our ports infrastructure, so I’ll rename them to linux_dist-gentoo-stage[123] introducing this new kind of Linux ports. I’d like to keep the old behaviour as well, thus this change needed a lot of work. Furthermore, I’ve changed to static plist, so these patches are very huge. I haven’t submitted them yet, because I’ll do a lot of testing before. After this, I really have to move on with DESTDIR.

First success with DESTDIR

June 11th, 2006

So, I have good results, my DESTDIR implementation has proven to work with the simplest ports. I mean ports without USE_* that don’t install files via [pre|do|post]-install target and have a standard configure and/or make script, e.g. net/csup or security/chroot_safe. I haven’t tested ports with dependencies, but that will be the next step. Here’s an example log:

[root@spitfire /usr/ports/net/csup]# make DESTDIR=/bla install


===> Installing for csup-20060313
===> Generating temporary packing list
===> Checking if net/csup already installed
install -s -o root -g wheel -m 555 csup /bla/usr/local/bin
install -o root -g wheel -m 444 csup.1.gz /bla/usr/local/man/man1
===> Registering installation for csup-20060313
pkg_info: can’t find package ‘csup-20060313′ installed or in a file!
[root@spitfire /usr/ports/net/csup]# ls /bla/usr/local/bin/
[root@spitfire /usr/ports/net/csup]# ls /bla/var/db/pkg/csup-20060313/
[root@spitfire /usr/ports/net/csup]# cat /bla/var/db/pkg/csup-20060313/+CONTENTS
@name csup-20060313
@comment ORIGIN:net/csup
@cwd /usr/local

If you want a patch, here it is, but note that this is very-very-very experimental, use it for your own risk! Any feedback appreciated.

Hungarian webpage is coming…

May 28th, 2006

So, I’m quite busy nowadays because I’m working as a SoC student and have another activities so I have always less and less time for the webpage translation I started some months ago. That’s why I decided to look for some help. So far I’ve found only one guy, but he seems to be enthusiastic and helpful, so we will work together on the Hungarian webpage. Actually, it is almost done, only a small number of sgml files should be translated and some problem problem should be fixed with (R), (C) and TM characters, because they don’t appear correctly with ISO-8859-2. Besides, I also want to restructurize the news/press/media section to be read from the English website, because we don’t have so many Hungarian contributors, so keeping it up-to-date would be difficult. Of course, I’ll maintain the webpages, but I don’t think translating the news always is necessary. Maybe later… For the same reason I’ve ripped of some pages that I found unnecessary fot the current Hungarian community. E.g. Gnome pages and everything under www/en/projects. I think nobody would read that, the first version of the Hungarian webpage should aim beginners, provide basic information on FreeBSD and should be a place for further translations (Handbook, etc.) I don’t think it will cost too much time, I hope we can finish it until the end of this summer.

SoC 2006 is on

May 27th, 2006

SoC is just started but I’ve already begun to work on my projects. That i386 binary stuff was pretty simple, I have a working patch now. As you see, it is an improvement for the existing NOT_FOR_ARCHS / ONLY_FOR_ARCHS thing especially for i386 binary ports that fetch compiled i386 binaries. The current state of those port is a bit chaotic. If we enable them on ia64/amd64 they can be installed even if the compatibility layer isn’t available, thus we get unusable installed software. This new feature addresses this issue.
Anyway, as a beginner, I like working on the Ports Collection, the atmosphere is very good on #bsdports and the committers are very helpful to me.