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SGML to XML migration of the doc tree

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I’m that type of guy, who doesn’t like talking too much and prefers to just silently work on something instead. I think it is bad, since I have some interesting projects in my queue although lacking free time I’m progressing slowly. I’ve decided to blog more about projects that I work on or that I’m interested in. This is the first entry of this series.

It has been quite some time that I started working on converting the doc tree from SGML to XML but because of (1) lacking free time, (2) the doc repo being a quickly moving target, (3) lacking a good VCS system that support moves and renames and good branching, it hasn’t ever been completed and I just always have it in a nearly complete stage, trying to keep up with merging upstream changes. But since (3) is resolved now, it will be easier to create a development branch and to keep it in sync until it is totally finished and the work can be merged back. Also, more people became interested and this motivates me to try to dedicate more time to finally finish this and they may also help out. In the following, I’ll try to summarize what this migration consists of. (more…)