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FreeBSD Development Snapshots – Testers Wanted

I am pleased to announce the re-availability of FreeBSD development snapshots provided by the FreeBSD Project.

As with any development branch, these snapshots are not intended for use on production systems. However, we do encourage testing on non-production systems as much as possible.

Users interested in testing the development branches are also encouraged to subscribe to the freebsd-snapshots@ mailing list, where new snapshot availability, including corresponding installation image checksums, and any additional noteworthy information about the images will be announced.

The list subscription URL is: http://lists.freebsd.org/mailman/listinfo/freebsd-snapshots

Snapshots may be downloaded from the corresponding architecture subdirectory over FTP: ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/

Problems, bug reports, or regression reports should be reported through the GNATS PR system or the appropriate mailing list, such as -current@ or -stable@ .

This directory contains FreeBSD installation snapshots for the head/ and stable/ branches. The snapshot installation media are organized in the same hierarchy as the FreeBSD release installers, for example:


The FTP structure is also available for bootonly.iso installers.

These snapshots do not include a package distribution, and do not include the release notes documentation.

Snapshots are expected to be generated weekly. Snapshot retention is expected to be the current week and three prior weeks. The FTP directory will always contain the distribution sets for the most recent snapshot.

Snapshots are named as:


where BRANCH is the official branch name (such as 10.0-CURRENT, or 9.2-STABLE), ARCH is the target architecure the release was built, DATE is the day the snapshot was built in YYYYMMDD format, and SVNREV is the svn revision number at the point in time the snapshot was generated.

The CHECKSUM.MD5 and CHECKSUM.SHA256 files are suffixed with the date the snapshots were generated.

In general, it can be expected that all snapshots will be built with the same subversion revision, as to avoid inconsistencies between images built on the same day.

Be sure to check the mailing lists for those architectures (e.g., freebsd-sparc64 mailing list for the sparc64 architecure) before taking one of those snapshots. The specific testing purpose that snapshot was generated for should be mentioned there. The snapshot ISOs in those architecture directories may not be suitable for general use.

Those who wish to keep up-to-date on the latest snapshot availability are advised to subscribe to the freebsd-snapshots@ mailing list, where new snapshots will be announced, including the image checksums and any notable information regarding a particular snapshot set.