gnn: FAST_IPSEC + IPv6 in Host Mode

I recently posted this <a href=> patch</a> to [email protected] and have not had any replies.
This patch allows a FreeBSD CURRENT host to use FAST_IPSEC+IPv6 as an end station.

The patch was uploaded on 01-Oct-2006.

Router mode is not yet supported. Please report bugs and problems directly to me or to the net@ mailing list.

gnn: Welcome

Hello and welcome to my networking blog. Mostly I think blogs are appallingly stupid, written by people with little or no ability to write. I hope that this blog is not one of those.

The purpose of this blog is to comment on what I’m currently working on in the FreeBSD networking stack and as a place to keep pointers to code and patches which so often get lost in our email archives.

I’ll try to remember to post new entries here when I create new patches and people are welcome to comment on those patches here or in email to my address.