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July 2, 2007

LiveCDs and problems with xfdesktop

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I’ve got to a stage where I can build mostly functional LiveCDs! If anyone’s interested, here‘s one of the latest “working” CD image with X11. Download it, login as root and you can run startx to get a nice Xfce desktop environment. The LiveCD contains the whole FreeBSD “base” system, minimal X11 system (only VESA driver) and full Xfce.

But there are problems. Actually, one problem: xfdesktop. For some reasons, this little application is causing all sorts of trouble on the LiveCD (but not on *my* desktop, from which the binaries are picked up!). The latest problem is that it simply crashes when started, with abort trap in glib’s wrapper for pthread_cond_wait(). This is a show stopper bug but I don’t know how to solve it. The weird thing is that *some* CD builds (approx. 1 in 50) “just work”, with nothing traceable changed.

[update: this is solved]

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