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July 13, 2007

My first ZFS in production

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Today I’ve set up my first ZFS file system in production. I know ZFS is experimental and 7.0 is not yet even in beta but I like experimenting, and it won’t be a critical server for about two months. So far, absolutely everything has gone very smoothly: upgrade from 6.2-STABLE to 7.0, then backup, ZFS setup and restore. No hiccups anywhere in sight.

The main reason I decided to go this way is ZFS’s slick volume management, with the ability to “mix and match” devices into the same pool of storage and carve file systems out of it, with reservations and quotas. I haven’t done any specific ZFS tuning but since I have 2 GB of memory on this machine (i386) I’ve not yet encountered problems even with near-production loads. We’ll see…

So far there’s been one panic in ZFS, during a large rsync operation. I couldn’t track it down or provoke it again.

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