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February 19, 2008

Downgrading 8-CURRENT to 7-STABLE (etc…)

Filed under: FreeBSD — ivoras @ 5:59 pm

I found myself needing to downgrade a system with 8-CURRENT to 7-STABLE. It was almost painless but I’d like to outline the procedure that worked for me:

* Get the right version of the sources with cvsup
* Build the kernel, boot it with reboot -k
* Make buildworld
* Make kernel
* Edit /usr/src/Makefile to add /rescue in front of the PATH so the utilities requiring FBSD_1.1 (hey! what’s with the “cp” utility requiring FBSD_1.1??) don’t get used
* Make installworld
* Mergemaster, etc. as needed

I didn’t have any ports on the machine; If I had I’d rm everything from /usr/local or rebuilt them.

This will probably work less and less reliably as 8-CURRENT diverges from 7-STABLE.

February 11, 2008

finstall alpha3

Filed under: FreeBSD — ivoras @ 11:03 am

As I’ve mentioned on the @stable mailing list, there’s a new alpha version of finstall available. The changes in this build are:

* ZFS support
* Included bsdstats
* Several bugs fixed

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