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May 18, 2008

BSDCan: final day

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It was a really great conference! I have so many good impressions it’s just hard to sort them all out and write them down. Instead of that, here’s a treat for the geeky-minded :)

In accordance with the specification expressed here:

… I’ve created a device driver that implements the functionality in kernel. In honour of the operating system by which this work was inspired, I name the driver random.debian. The kernel module creates a device entry (/dev/random.debian) which is a infinite source of random data with entropy compatible with the above specification. The source code tarball for the Debian-like random data source is of course available under the BSD license. This will work on any recent version of FreeBSD.

As much as I would like to have though of this first, the idea was actually put out by PHK or Robert Watson while we were waiting for dinner, so that part of the credit goes to them. :)

This DevSummit+BSDCan was very fun and educational and will definitely try to be here in the next years also.

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