Using HPLIP on FreeBSD with an HP LaserJet 100 M175

Several years ago when I needed a new printer, I had gotten some sort of HP inkjet, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to enable printing using HPLIP on top of CUPS.

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  1. Nico says:

    Thanks for these explanations. I struggled for 2 hours with my laserjet P1005 yesterday and would have thrown everything through the window if I hadn’t found it. This plugin package is really crap…

  2. John R says:

    Thanks for the tip.

    I was getting the same error in Ubuntu and figured it would be something elementary.

    Annoyingly, I couldn’t find the plugin on the HP Open Source site, so it’s appreciated that you had the link here.

  3. Anish says:

    Very helpful. Just submitted a port skeleton to handle the plugin install.

  4. Grigory Rechistov says:

    Dear sir, you helped me so much! I was stuck with setting the HP Laserjet Pro P1102w under Linux. It worked just perfectly over the USB but refused to connect over the net (yet hp-setup was able to “automatically” find it and set it up with mDNS), I was so desperate that I decided to connect it to the FreeBSD box over USB and then share it over the net from it so that my Linux client system was able to work with it using the FreeBSD host as a proxy. Then I encountered the very same issues you described: hardcoded /bin/bash, no /etc/hp/ and others. Starting to repeat your path (hacking into the doing all the steps by hand), then decided to google about hplip.plugin and FreeBSD and voila – the solution nicely summarized.

    So far, the outcome of all of this for me: don’t trust “easy” network discovery. Everything that is more recent than DHCP does not work. I actually knew that before but was simple-minded enough to fall into that lie again.

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