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Raid5 improvements

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

The last couple of weeks I had to practice for some exams. In other words, a great time for coding :)

This week I’ve been working on making RAID5 parity rebuild work. This includes user initiated rebuild/check, as well as rebuilding a degraded plex during plex initialization. (This is a vital feature, since if a drive fails, one must be able to rebuild the plex with the new drive. I have not been able to test this enough yet because I need the attach/detach routines to do it. So instead of continuing and getting the initalization/synchronization-routines in, I will implement attach/detach next, which should be quick since I already have some old code for it.

Getting started

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

Well, there has been some time now to get familiar with the projects and how things are done, although I am already quite familiar with the procedures. Therefore I started a bit earlier on the actual project, since I have a period with finishing exams from now until 8. June.

I’ve committed some work on the setstate functionality making it possible to be used again after Lukas’ rewrite of gvinums event-handling. Setstate now works on subdisks, plexes, volumes and drives. (Only subdisks and drives was supported before).

I have also been thinking of and made error codes to be used internally in gvinum to sort of help me see what happens when debugging etc. Other than that, I’ve rewritten the resetconfig a bit to prevent (what i think is) a race condition that was introduced with the new event system.

My plan is now to further adapt gvinum code to the new event system. I also have more patches from my previous that need to be integrated.