Bug-monster dying slowly

Finally, an update on what I’ve been doing since the last time. This time I have a lot of small changes that have been done:

  • Implement initialization of RAID5-Arrays. This basically writes zeros over everything and makes sure parity is correct.
  • Fix a bug with mirror code. The length of the completed requests got doubled if you have a mirror with two plexes, tripled if you have a mirror with three plexes etc.
  • When a mirrored plexes are syncing, all requests after and including the first _write-request_ are delayed until syncing is finished.
  • Allow rebuilding a RAID-5 array while it is in use (e.g. mounted). Delay requests that are in conflict with the rebuild, but allow requests on the already rebuilt part to be run.
  • Allow subdisks to come up automagically after rebuild.
  • Allow stripesizes not divideable by the subdisk size. A regression in the new gvinum code prevented this.
  • Modify the event system to contain two intmax_t fields, so we won’t have to allocate/deallocate pointers all the time when passing args to gv_post_event.
  • Add support for the rename and move commands to new gvinum. The code has been rewritten for the new gvinum.
  • Fix a bug in the code for degraded writes to a RAID5-array, where only zeros were written.
  • Other minor bug/style fixes.

Next, I’m going to implement concat/stripe/mirror functionality. I already have some code from previous work I did, so I just need to adapt it to new gvinum, as well as change some ugly parts. There are some small facade-changes left, but I will do this after the last of the original vinum features is completed. Also, I will try write a nice status report, and get a testable patch out by the time the reports are finished.

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