Growing up

Since last post I haven’t really done that much do gvinum, but a few things.

  • I added a few automated test-scripts to check if a volume behaves properly
  • Go through test-plan and make sure that gvinum passes the tests.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot on how to best implement growing RAID-5 plexes.
  • I’ve implemented growing of RAID-5 plexes.

Now, the first and second points are quite boring to do, but I had to do it. Now the last points were trickier, since I didn’t really know where I should start. Finally I decided the best way was to let the plex overwrite itself! A more detalied explanation can be found in the TODO of my perforce branch. I need to test the implementation a bit now. Other than that, I’ve been a bit lazy on my own work this week, and tried to help other students with reviews etc.

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  1. Tinhead says:

    Your work in gvinum looks great.
    Im one of the users that have a probelmatic gvinum RAID5 volume.
    Probably due to a diskfailure.
    Where can i read the updated dokumentation?
    I have looked everywhere on the net for some dokumentation that is simple enough for me to change the disk in a secure way. (my reason to use RAID5)
    99% of the guides is about implementing. Not disaster recovery. :-(

    Just a step by step, change the drive or add new drive and do stuff and remove bad drive?

    Im going to upgrade the system ( 6.2-RC2 ) but i suspect that will not help my disk that fails when it starts to work for more then 5minutes..

    Keep up the good work :-)
    Best regards from Sweden…

  2. lulf says:

    Actually, the only documentation I’ve written is update to the manpage
    (where I added a description of some missing commands, as well as provide
    examples). I’ll try write a better guide that provides more examples than the
    current one does.

    First of all, none of this work is yet committed to CVS, and should need some
    testing before that happens, but there is patches for 6.2 here:

    Now, how to replace a drive:
    The problem is that the gvinum version that you are using lacks some of the
    commands, but it’s possible to do it if you follow the guide here (sorry for the
    bad formatting, but I just wrote it :) I used my developement gvinum when
    writing it, but it should work in old gvinum as well. but REMEMBER to BACKUP
    your data.

    If you’d like to try out the new gvinum, I advice to download the new
    gvinum patch for 6.2:

    Then apply it:
    cd /usr/src && patch

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