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Huntin’ them bugs

Friday, August 17th, 2007

More status updates… I’ve been fixing many small gvinum bugs the last couple of weeks:

  • The state of gvinum objects were changed after reloading. This meant that objects got the wrong state when gvinum was brought up.
  • Made gvinum always use the most recent configuration it finds when setting object states.
  • Make sure the newest drive is always the newest, and not the first in the drivelist, as was previously assumed.
  • Add “growable”-state to be used when a plex is ready to be grown.
  • Allow a plex to be rebuilt even though it’s also growable.
  • Do not change the size of the volume until the plex is completely grown.
  • Add status of growing and rebuild of a plex in the list output.
  • Prevent rebuild to take over the I/O system increasing access-count at the start and end of the rebuild.

Probably a couple of other fixes as well. Also, I’ve updated the vinum-examples page in the handbook to reflect new features and more practical examples. I’ve posted a “call for testers” on current@, arch@ and geom@, and have received some response from people who are willing to help me test. Thanks to them. I’ve uploaded the code-sample that I’ll be delivering to google here:

Cleaning up

Monday, August 6th, 2007

The last couple of weeks I’ve tested and done bugfixing and cleanup of gvinum code. I refactored some parts to make the code belong where it seems logical. I also implemented growing for striped plexes, but that was quite easy since I could reuse most of the code for growing RAID-5 plexes.√ā¬†Unfortunately I was sick for a week and unable to work.

What remains now is to do more testing (can’t get enough), and write and update documenatation on gvinum. I have updated patches for gvinum at for both RELENG_6 and CURRENT. I appreciate reports from brave users who tries it out, even if it works :)

Also, I created a new perforce-branch called gvinum_cache. I’ve currently implemented a read/write-cache to check if this would give much speed-up for gvinum. It’s not very nice for reliability, but could be an option for those who want better performance. Anyway, I’ll update more on this later.