Marcus Alves Grando: compat6x port

Well, like title say, this post are to present compat6x port. Yesterday i update compat6x to 6.2 200706 snapshot. Now compat6x are ready to commit and contains all security fixes. __FreeBSD_version is 602110. If you like to test you can download shar here and install.

Some people have problems with diablo-(jdk|jre)15, opera qt-shared and openoffice-2.2.0. I think that’s because of threads update but i’ll investigate more.

UPDATED: Commited in misc/compat6x. Enjoy.


Marcus Alves Grando: PHP 5 and timezone problems… [updated]

After work with src people (special thanks to ru@ and dougb@), to update share/timezone to tzdata-2006n in CURRENT and MFC to RELENG_(4|5|6). I discovery that PHP 5 have a internal timezone structure.

Searching about that, i found pecl-timezonedb. After ports freeze i will add pecl-timezonedb in ports/misc.

If you need you can download shar here.


Update: Added misc/pecl-timezonedb in ports tree.

Marcus Alves Grando: Intel 945GM and FreeBSD agp(4) driver [updated]

After backport 945GM support from i810 from Xorg 7.0, i try to make agp(4) work on my 945GM.

Yesterday i found the solution for this, after read some pieces of code from Linux i found that problem are caused because agp(4) driver recognize 945GM as 128MB instead of 256MB aperture size.

After that i make this patch. I already submit this patch to Eric Anholt (anholt) and i don’t know if there’s are correct, but on my tests work’s.

PR: 103079

Update: Eric Anholt found correct method to verify agp aperture size and commited in -CURRENT. Patch to RELENG_6 can be found here.

Marcus Alves Grando: FreeBSD on my new Dell D520 and Xorg i810 driver

I will talk about my new notebook Latitude Dell D520 and FreeBSD.

After install FreeBSD 6.1, i note that i810 driver in x11-servers/xorg-server (6.9.0) does not recognize my Intel 945GM video.

My first work are backport 945GM code from Xorg 7.0. This work already commited in ports tree, here.

Marcus Alves Grando: First post…

Ok. That’s my first post.

This blog talk about my work on FreeBSD as port commiter or my adventures in src tree.

All patches and posts contains here are relevant to FreeBSD. Enjoy as best that you can.