bsdtalk153 – Michael W. Lucas

Interview with Michael W. Lucas at BSDCan 2008. We talk about some of his books and strategies for writing technical publications.

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bsdtalk152 – A Few FreeBSD Core Team Members

An interview with a few of the FreeBSD Core Team members: Warner Losh, George V. Neville-Neil, Murray Stokely, Hiroki Sato, Robert Watson, Brooks Davis, and Philip Paeps. The interview was recorded at BSDCan2008 in Ottawa, Cananda.

File Info: 26Min, 12MB.

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bsdtalk148 – Jeremy White, Founder of CodeWeavers

News: OpenBSD 4.3 Released.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone this month at BSDCan.

Interview with Jeremy White, Founder of CodeWeavers. We talk about the recent availability of an experimental build of Crossover Games for BSD.

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bsdtalk146 – James Cornell

What are your favorite BSD web sites?

A story about shopping for BSD.

Another interview with Sysadmin James Cornell. We talk about BSD, OpenSolaris, and Linux on the desktop.

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bsdtalk145 – Adam Wright from No Starch Press

Intro: Some musings on the consistency and simplicity of BSD.

A brief interview with Adam Wright from No Starch Press, recorded by Micheal Dexter on behalf of BSDTalk. They talk about recent and future BSD books.

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bsdtalk143 – BSD Hobbiest Deborah Norling

Interview with Deborah Norling. We talk about her use of BSD on old hardware, accessibility on the BSDs, and Simh (

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Note: The first set of audio files that I posted were accidentally exported from an intermediate working set that didn't have the audio levels adjusted. I have posted the proper files. My apologies to Deborah, and to the listening audience.

bsdtalk140 – The Mult Project with Kristaps Dzonsons

Interview with Kristaps Dzonsons.

We talk about the Mult project, which is "an on-going research project to create a high-performance instance multiplicity system." You can find more information at He also gives a quick update on Sysjail.

File Info: 30Min, 14MB.

bsdtalk139 – Dru Lavigne

Interview with Dru Lavigne. We talk about her new book "The Best of FreeBSD Basics" and also get an update on some other projects including BSD Certification.
See the following links for more information:

File Info: 14Min, 7MB.

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bsdtalk138 – Central Syslog

DesktopBSD 1.6 and FreeBSD 6.3 released.

Setting up a central syslog server.
  • If you are concerned about the security of your logs, use a dedicated machine and lock it down.
  • Keep clocks in sync.
  • You may need to change log rotation schedule in /etc/newsyslog.conf. You can rotate based in size and/or time. This can be as much a policy decision as a hardware decision.
  • On central log host, change syslogd flags to listen to network. Each BSD does this differently, so check the man pages. Also, check out the -n flag for busy environments.
  • Make sure host firewall allows syslog traffic through.
  • Be careful to limit syslog traffic to just the trusted network or hosts. FreeBSD man page refers to syslogd as a "remote disk filling service".
  • For heavy logging environments, it is important to have a dedicated network. A down syslogd server can create a lot of "ARP who-has" broadcasts.
  • Most network devices such as printers and commercial firewalls support sending to a central syslog server. Take a look at "Snare" for Windows hosts.
  • To send messages from a Unix host, specify the host name prepended with @ instead of a file for logging in /etc/syslog.conf. For example, change /var/log/xferlog to You can also copy and edit the line to have it log to both a local file and a remote host.

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bsdtalk136 – PF with Peter N. M. Hansteen

Can you believe that it has been two years? A lot has happened in the land of BSD since December 2005. Thank you for listening and for your support.

An interview with Peter N. M. Hansteen, recorded by Michael Dexter on behalf of BSDTalk. If you would like to learn more about the PF firewall, check out "The Book of PF" which is available at

File Info: 16Min, 7MB.

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bsdtalk135 – Joerg Sonnenberger

I'm sorry that I disappeared for a while. I have a new job, and it has taken me a while to come up for air. I hope to get back on track soon.

Michael Dexter sent me an interview he recorded on behalf of BSDTalk with Joerg Sonnenberger at EuroBSDCon 2007. Thank you Michael.

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