bsdtalk111 – FreeBSD Developer Diane Bruce

News: OpenBSD 4.1 released. Registration is now open for the BSDA beta exam.

Interview with FreeBSD developer Diane Bruce. We talk about Ham Radio on BSD.
Slides from one of her talks:

File Info: 10Min, 5MB.

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bsdtalk109 – George Neville-Neil and Using VMs for Development

News:iXsystems announced an agreement with Adobe Systems that will allow the next version of PC-BSD to have a Flash-enabled browser available on a default installation.

George Neville-Neil and Using VMs for Development. See for more information.

File Info: 12Min, 6MB.

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bsdtalk104 – Getting to know X

Getting to know the X Window System.
Make sure you are in a text only mode. You might need to change how the system boots, or boot into single user mode.
  • "startx" to make sure X is working right.
  • "X" by itself gives the basic grey screen.
  • "ctrl" and "alt" and "backspace" keys at the same time will zap X.
  • "X & xterm -display :0"
  • "xterm -geometry +300+300"
  • "twm" or "metacity"
File Info: 10Min, 5MB.

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bsdtalk103 – Robert Ricci from Emulab

News: Registration now open for BSDCan 2007. Anyone interesting in a road trip? Also, pre-orders for OpenBSD 4.1 are available.

Interview with Robert Ricci from

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bsdtalk094 – BSD Consultant Jeremy C. Reed

Reminder: Proposals for BSDCan 2007 are due Fri, Jan 19. Also, if you are going to BSDCan, consider sticking around for PGCon.

Interview with BSD Consultant Jeremy C. Reed from

File info: 8MB, 16Min.